Handbook Utility Management

Challenges for power and gas supply – Handbook Utility Management

With the increasing deregulation of European utility markets, competition has become fiercer in the utility industries over the past few years. Regulatory changes towards an integrated market environment have created new challenges for the management of electricity and gas companies. As the Western European electricity market is growing slowlier than the Chinese for example, firms now need to realign their strategies and enter emerging markets with an overall investment of over 50% in these markets by 2030. The Handbook Utility Management reflects current challenges in the utility industries and provides solutions from a managerial perspective. It includes the latest findings from top managers, researchers, experts in utility-related investment banking and consulting, and professionals in public and supranational organizations on all value chain activities within the industry.

  • Western European electricity market growing slowly (2.1% p.a.) compared to China (6.5% p.a.)
  • To grow just as fast, utilities need to enter emerging markets and spend over 50% of their overall investment in these markets by 2030
  • Articles from well-known CEOs and experts including Fritz Vahrenholt, CEO of RWE Innogy GmbH, Werner Brinker, CEO of EWE AG, BASF Chairman Jürgen Hambrecht and many more
  • The handbook covers power generation, energy trading and wholesale, transmission and distribution, retail and special issues

“Growth is the core of every corporate strategy. Only growth creates the momentum that is needed to boost earnings above average and create jobs,” says Prof. Burkhard Schwenker, CEO at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, in the new publication. “From a global perspective, however, few industries match the sheer variety of conditions for growth that the utility industry must meet”, he states and points out the specific challenges for growth strategies in the utilities industry. Schwenker edited the handbook that provides solutions for these challenges together with Andreas Bausch, who has been Professor of Strategic Management and Controlling at Jacobs University Bremen since 2004 and also Professor of International Management at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena since 2006. The book is aimed at professionals in companies as well as researchers in the utility sector. As competitive pressure has increased and the regulatory framework has changed significantly in the past few years, the book reveals the challenges of this industry and offers strategic approaches for tackling them from a managerial perspective. As Schwenker says, it is even more important today to facilitate growth through strategic realignment. To achieve this, new perspectives and approaches are essential.